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Sailor RT2048, the most sold VHF radio on the marked, and with the good old heavy duty handset. Download Brochure

Sailor RT5022/5020, Semi duplex/Full duplex, the best VHF radio on the marked, with build in voice recorder for navigational warnings, pilot message etc. Download Brochure

Furuno FM-8800, type approved VHF. Download Brochure

Sailor RT35XX, portable GMDSS approved radios, programable channels and build in voice scrambler. Download Brochure

Motorola GP-340 VHF or UHF, programmable frequencies etc. Download Brochure

Motorola GM-360 Fixed VHF or UHF Radio, programmable friquencies etc. Download Brochure

Entel HT640, 100% waterproof handheld VHF radio, programmable for private channels. Download Brochure

Entel HT900 series, intrinsically safe handheld radio, VHF/UHF. Download Brochure

Tron AIR, Approved AM emergency radio for passenger vessels. Download Brochure


Sailor System 5000 series 150/250 or 500W MF/HF radio, with  autodetection of Rx DSC antenna, and build in Low Voltage Alarm. Download Brochure

Furuno FS-1570/2570 150 or 250W output power, with built in PSU for active Rx DSC antenna, new improved display. Download Brochure

Inmarsat C

Sailor H2095C, stand alone Inm-C Transceiver and active RF antenna. Download Brochure

Sailor TT3000E GMDSS Inm-C, combined antenna & transceiver unit, easy to install. Download Brochure

Furuno Felcom-15 GMDSS, can be combined with SSAS option. Download Brochure

Fleet series (33/55/77)

Sailor Fleet 77+, With Distress button, approved in GMDSS installations under several flag states. This unit gives you the possibilities of Mini-M Voice, 9.6/G3/ISDN FAX, Data 64k/128K etc. Download Brochure

Sailor Fleet 55+,This unit gives you the possibilities of Mini-M Voice, 9.6/G3/ISDN FAX, Data 64k etc. Download Brochure

Sailor Fleet 33+ If you want internet and a small antenna. Other services as Voice, FAX, MPDS Data 28/64K etc. Download Brochure

Fleet Broadband

Sailor FleetBroadband 500/250. Highspeed internet onboard the vessel, VOIP-telephone, FAX/Phone etc. Up to 432kBps on the FB500, and 284kBps on the FB250. Small antenna dimention combined with a low weight (16kg) gives th e possibility to place it everywhere. Download Brochure

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