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Saab R4 AIS, Wheelmarked for the deep sea marked. Download Brochure

Furuno FA-150 AIS, Download Brochure


MX500, The GPS with the best user interface on the marked, can be configurated as redundant system if more displays is used. Download Brochure

Saab R4 GPS, as single unit or in combination as master slave function. Possible to share waypoint/routes between units. Download Brochure

Furuno GP-150 Wheelmark GPS for the Deepsea Marked. Download Brochure

Furuno GP-37, leasure GPS or as spare GPS. Download Brochure

JRC 500, The cheapest Wheelmarked GPS on the marked. Different antenna types, depending on the ship owners need. Download Brochure


Anschütz Std 22, Digital Gyro, with non mechanical parts between gyrosphere and outhersphere, easy to interface with a lot of repeaters. Download Brochure


Furuno FAR-28xx Blackbox radar or as tabletop, Furuno's well known radarseries Download Brochure


McMurdo Nav7 navtex with 3 Freq Receiver, fullfil the new Navtex requirements. Download Brochure


Transas ECDIS Navisailor 4000 MFD, as stand alone or combined with Radar/Conning display. Download Brochure


Gill Anemometer, with no moving parts at all, very reliable system. Download Brochure


Sailor TT3000SSA, the easy way to be safe on the open sea. Download Brochure

Sailor TT3000LRIT, standalone antenna. Download Brochure

Furuno Felcom 15, SSAS stand alone. Download Brochure


Professional installation and know how, brochures can be sent using mail, on request. We offer different kind of brandnames.

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